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Episode Guide - Season 2

Ep1: Kilometer Zero
Air Date: 7-22-14
Taglioni with Clams in Sicily with chef Emanuele Scarello; Rice Pasta with Fresh Vegetables in the Veneto with chef Gabrielle Ferron...
Ep2: Closer and Closer
Air Date: 7-23-14
Culatello sandwich with charcuterie master Mark Buzzio; the Pugnitello grape with winemaker Leonardo Bellacini in San Felice
Ep3: Simple and Fresh
Air Date: 7-24-14
Amarone Wine Risotto with Pumpkin with chef Maria Cartillone in the Veneto; all about corks with Alessandro Cellai in Sicily.
Ep4: Try These At Home
Air Date: 7-25-14
Gnocchi Di Soave with chef Mara Marcazzan in Verona; Cheeses of Valpolicella with Corrado Benedetti
Ep5: Less is more
Air Date: 7-26-14
Shrimp and Green Apple Salad with Chef Massimo Bianco in Sicily; Pasta with Zucchini and Prosciutto with chef Elia Bulgarelli
Ep6: Think Local, Drink Local
Air Date: 7-28-14
Calmari with Porcini Mushrooms with chef Michele Zuchiatti in Sicily; Risotto with Smoked Trout with chef Gabriele Ferron in Verona;
Ep7: Prime Examples
Air Date: 7-29-14
Copicollo Two Ways with charcuterie master Mark Buzzio; Tagliarini with Cuttlefish, Sea Urchin and Sardines with chef Massimo Belliteri in Sicily
Ep8: Local Knowledge
Air Date: 7-30-14
Agli Amici Bottarga with chef Emanuele Scarello in Udine; Rigatoni with Fresh Anchovies and Fennel with chef Salvatore Giordano in Sicily
Ep9: Easy to Master
Air Date: 7-31-14
Making organic, handpicked olive oil in Sicily; Tortellini di Soave with chef Mara Marcazzan in Verona; winemakers Luca Sabatini and Giancarlo Piubelli
Ep10: Two Pastas
Air Date: 8-1-14
Macaroni Bastardo with chef Massimo Belliteri in Mount Etna; coffee roasting with expert Alessandro Hausbrandt in Trieste; Vic prepares the classic Pasta alla Norma.
Ep11: In the Details
Air Date: 8-2-14
Artichoke and Arugula Salad with Chef Massimo Bianco in Sicily; the art of the simple sandwich -- Sopressata and Mozzarella on Foccacia
Ep12: More Than the Sum of the Parts
Air Date: 8-3-14
Pairing Italian wines with sandwiches; the history of the Palmento, the Sicilian communal wine press; an old method makes a new wine in the Veneto; Vic makes Pasta alla Carbonara.
Ep13: Two Italian Soul Food
Air Date: 8-4-14
Italian wine word association; Stuffed Sardines with Chef Salvatore Giordano in Sicily; more Italian wine 411.

Episode Guide - Season 1

Ep1: Close to Home
Air Date: 7-6-13
Three simple recipes from Piedmont; Vic turns beekeeper at an organic honey farm; Branzino with Honey recipe; Tuscan Chicken Salad recipe.
Ep2: Art Imitates Food
Air Date: 7-13-13
Vic’s method for simple, clean and easy Fried Calamari method; Moscato-delicious and more popular than ever; wine and art; a classic Bean Soup recipe; Frying Calamari.
Ep3: Going Deep
Air Date: 7-20-13
Channel Guides Episode Description: Walk through ancient wine tunnels; Canederli (Tyrolean dumplings) recipe; one of wine’s dynamic couples in Sud Tyrol; vineyards produce new superstars.
Ep4: Popping the Cork
Air Date: 7-27-13
Plin recipe-An obscure but delicious stuffed pasta; Vic makes his fresh tomato sauce recipe; Yeast in sparkling wines; a very authentic Tuscan recipe: Chicken Valdarnese.
Ep5: The Best Ingredients
Air Date: 8-3-13
An elegant shrimp recipe; Visit one of Italy’s spectacular Grand Cru vineyards; what a cheese taster does; Bagna Cauda (hot bath) recipe.
Ep6: Light and Luscious
Air Date: 8-10-13
A visit to an Italian rice shop; learning about wine and terroir; Inteview with the Scavino family as they transition to another generation; Risotto al Gattinara recipe and perfecting your risotto technique.
Ep7: A Few Basics
Air Date: 8-17-13
Ep8: All In
Air Date: 8-24-13
A visit to a balsamic vinegar producer; Learn about Nocino; an American living his dream life; why is Villero so good?
Ep9: Keep It Simple, Chef!
Air Date: 8-31-13
Pasta with Sear Urchins Recipe; Italy's new wine generation; a Tuscan wild board recipe.
Ep10: Three Classics
Air Date: 9-7-13
Vic makes Brasato Al Barbera; learn about Brunello di Mantalcino and Rosso di Montalcino wines.
Ep11: Always Local
Air Date: 9-14-13
Vic helps make a Porcini mushroom Foccacia; A chef returns to his roots; Vic and Tony interview a wine superstar.
Ep12: Try this at Home
Air Date: 9-21-13
Vic helps make a simple whole wheat pasta recipe; learn about aged Grappa.
Ep13: Never Disappoint
Air Date: 9-28-13
Vic helps make a classic and easy "cake" crumble; learn all you need to know about the Friuli area and its Prosecco.